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Bumbling with ActionScript

So, the Pear-Pear team (my wife and I) have been working on an interactive archive menu. One that will be consistent with the spirit and design of the site. And if there's one thing this process has taught me, its to regret being a slacker when my dad tried to teach me BASIC in the 80s.

That being said, I'm sure that being exposed to the programming at a young age has graded down the possible steepness of the learning curve for me. ActionScript is one of the easier programming languages I've worked with (toyed with would be more accurate); the trouble I'm having stems from my impatience to learn and apply it. There are a lot of demands on the short term memory until I get some of the thinking engrained.

Anyway, it was fun animating this little loop to put up as a teaser, and it didn't involve much programming. Hope we can deliver that interactive menu before the school year starts!

Re: Bumbling with ActionScript

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It's the programming language for Flash-- you need to write ActionScript code within the .fla file to make an animation's buttons link to websites or subordinate animations, or for other interactivity. This here is one of the sites I've been using for tutorials.


Re: Bumbling with ActionScript

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I've never heard of Action Script - what's the URL for it?

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