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Blogging in Comix Form

So far, Comixtalk has been an excellent forum and tool for me to put into words all the thinking surrounding Pear-Pear. As we continue to develop the website, I'll always be thankful for the resources and community here and at TCWL. But something was bugging me about the whole setup.

I never kept a blog on Pear-Pear's server, because as my wife and I refined our ideas about the site's look and feel, we both felt something so texty and author-oriented was against the very core of what made Pear-Pear different and worth doing. But the comic and site have been perceived as hermetic, and much of the constructive criticism I've received has amounted to "I want to get it, but throw me a bone." So, I compromised: I began posting here, but I didn't link to this blog on the site. Those who wanted to find it certainly could.

Then, someone on the forums linked to Bitstrips, and I realized this was the ticket to an even better compromise--that is, one in which I could post blog content on the site without getting too texty, and in which readers could be thrown a bone. We'll see how it goes.

If you'd like to check out what I have so far, click the banner below.

a blog in comix form

Re: Blogging in Comix Form

Pear-pear's picture

It's okay; if you want to make a gag-strip the site has what you need, but as soon as you want to be creative you have to start finding creative (read time-consuming) ways around the site's limitations. The worst limitation is that you can't import and embed images of your own.

After I spent a few hours to build characters and sets, I find that it only takes me about a half-hour to make a comic, less if I know exactly what I want before going in. If you use the basic template to create a talking-heads gag strip, and don't care about composition or variety of poses or expressions, you could make a strip in 5 minutes. The comic-builder itself is generally quick but the urge to tweak things endlessly is what can make it time-consuming.


Re: Blogging in Comix Form

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How is bitstrips -- I haven't used it yet.  Is it pretty fast to make the comics?

Interesting idea for comic-blogging (blog-comicking?).

I run this place! Tip the piano player on the way out.