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North Carolina WebComic Coffee Clatch Report for June

Hi all,

As you may or may not know it was decided to have monthly reports on our monthly NCWCCC meetings. Unfortunately there wasn’t one for May and June’s is rather late, but better late than never ... I reckon.  Anyway, here goes.

In attendance

Larry Holderfield
Ben Carter
Justin and John LaPoint
J. Gray
Jesse Justice
Eric Knicely
Eric Coker
Mike Moon
Jamie Robertson

Things we talked about while eating cinnamon chili and coffee dressed as desert

NCWCCC on The State of Things – The Movie!

Back in the beginning of May, NCWCCC founder,

[info]mckenzee[info]ursulav and [info]m_monique were interviewed for a 20 minute segment on WUNC’s The State of Things with Frank Stasio. Webcomics and the like were discussed. Our founder then decreed that the interview should be animated.  To that end Jesse Justice, Eric Coker offered their services as artist and animator.  For the June meeting Jesse brought in sketches of Larry, Stephanie and Ursula which exceeded our founder’s expectations.  Yes, they were very well done.  Thanks, Jesse!  No time table has been set for the premiere, but TSOT people are enthusiastic over the project. More to come.

If you wish to hear the NCWCCC/ SOT interview, please download the podcast at The State of Things website and listen to the show, WebComic Coffee Clatch.

All Together Now (Pooling our resources together for fun and profit)

While speaking with a contact at the May Memorial Library in Burlington, our founder, Larry Holderfield was advised that the NCWCCC sounded very much like “a fledgling trade association.” Whether it is or not, the idea sparked interest in pooling our resources together. For instance, within our group we have members with skills, resources and contacts that could help both the Clatch and each member grow.  One member is an expert in all things printing.  Another writes business proposals. Still another hopes to have access to a 3-D printer within the next couple of years.  Other members have HTML and CSS skills.  It’s very clear that we do have an abundant resource in each other.  The trick is to pool it in and use it to dominate the world. So, if you have a skill, resource or contact that could be utilized and exploited, please contact Larry “mckenzee” Holderfield.  Seriously, as Otter pointed out, just one of the benefits of working together would be the power to buy software licenses as a group.  So, aside from taking over the world, there are practical and beneficial applications to pooling our resources together.  Think about it.


Speaking of the Library, if anyone is interested in talking to a group of kids about writing comics and webcomics, again contact Larry Holderfield.

Mailing List

If anyone out there knows of a mailing list client that we can use please email either Larry or me.  We’re looking for something that people can sign up for without using Yahoo or Google. 

WOWI –OH NO! (Yeah, I stole that)

We briefly spoke of the current state of WOWIO, which is in negotiations to be bought out by Platinum Studios.  WOWIO offers free download of PDF ebooks.  Many webcomicers jumped on this bandwagon as payment to creator was quite high. At first payment was .50 per download, but that was eventually lowered to .25 a download.  Instead of regurgitating what better writers have said about the WOWIO/Platinum Studios affair, please see these articles on Comix Talk and Fleen.

And the Award Goes To …

Our own Thomas Boatwright, with writer Dwight MacPherson, has been nominated for both a Harvey Award as well as an Eagle Award for their comic, The Surreal Adventures of Edgar Allan Poo. Congrats and good luck to both Thomas and Dwight.

Trinoc*coN 9

Due to health concerns I had to step down as Trinoc*coN’s Comic Track Director.  I want to thank Dan Johnson for taking over for me.  From what I understand he’s done a great job and hopefully we’ll see him at the con.  Other Clatch members scheduled for Trinoc*coN include Chris Hazleton and Larry Holderfield.

This report was sponsored by the letter J

J Gray recently began his webcomic, 2nd Shift.  Check it out!
Jesse Justice will be teaching a class on comics and cartooning at Wake Tech at the Millpond Campus.  Jesses has also emailed me some java script that will enable a rotating banner ad system for the NCWCCC site.  Thanks again, Jesse.
Clan of the Cats, created by me, Jamie Robertson, turned nine years old in June. 

And that’s it! If I missed anything, or made any goofs, please email me or simply respond on the NCWCCC Livejournal.