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William Bazillion, Chapter 6 starts NOW!!!

William Bazillion Chapter Six, now online for your reading pleasure:

**And now, a public service announcement from cartoonist, gentleman, pal and illustrator of my profile pic**

Amazing news! Keith Knight's new, daily, Nationally Syndicated comic strip, The Knight Life, is being tested at The San Francisco Chronicle.

Here's a message from the man himself:

Finally!! This week, my new daily comic strip, The Knight Life, is being tested in the place I called home for 15 years.

Please go to their site and vote for the strip. It's configured so you can vote for the strip every day this week. Plus, you can stick a stake through the heart of a few old ones.

Go forth, good people and VOTE!!




Vote early, and vote often. Keith and his wife are now the proud parents of an eight-pound, eight ounce baby boy, and a wildly successful syndicated strip will help toward defraying the costs of...y'know, diapers, formula, baseball equipment, medical care, college, wedding expenses and whatever else Keith's kid racks up over the next 25 years.

And please consider casting a vote for Richard Thompson's strip Cul de Sac, another great new strip, when you vote in this poll. I won't make any recommendations for strips that the Chronicle should drop, since I know a lot of the artists in that part of the poll, but I'm sure everyone's got an opinion on that, at any rate.