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William Bazillion Chapter Six, pages 14-16

Chapter Six of The Chronicles of William Bazillion continues:

And for those of you keeping track of my exploits in other media, here's an article on comic book collecting that ran in the Toledo Blade this past weekend.

Earlier this month, I commented on Michael Turner's passing in an article for the LA Times, and that got picked up by the Associated Press. The occasional newspaper interview is just part of my job, and I usually forget about these things right after I've done them, but this one made it into the Plain Dealer back in Cleveland and got picked up by CNN, and several family members called or wrote to let me know that I got my name in the paper.

I also contributed to an article in The Comics Reporter the other day about Golden Age comic book artist Creig Flessel, who passed away last Thursday night. You can see video footage of me interviewing Creig here, apparently.

I'm really tempted to start obsessively documenting just what I do in a typical working week, since it might be of interest to two or three people who read this blog. Last week, for example, I spoke at a youth-oriented marketing/media conference on Monday morning, sat in on the Cartoon Art Museum's Board of Directors meeting on Tuesday, met up with Raina Telgemaier, Jen Wang and (Flight artist whose name I've got to look up) on Wednesday night, visited the Contemporary Jewish Museum on Thursday for a lecture by New Yorker cartoon editor Bob Mankoff and cover artist Owen Smith on Thursday (tying in with their incredible William Steig exhibition), worked with MariNaomi on Friday night to coordinate a live comic-reading event tying in with the S.F. Zinefest, then spent Saturday at Pixar selecting artwork for an upcoming Cartoon Art Museum exhibition. That's at least one work-related (or semi-work-related) thing outside of normal business hours per day for a six-day clip. Add in my regular duties, like exhibition planning, intern training, art-packaging and setting up a few new things in the galleries, and I'm starting to figure out why I'm so tired right now.

And I forgot to mention that I interviewed Lio creator Mark Tatulli for about 90 minutes last Thursday, for an upcoming issue of The Comics Journal.

Off to bed for me...after I finish writing an intro for my next Animation World Network piece, and figure out when I'm going to get started on the piece after that...