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Webcomic Beacon #34 - Merchandising

Fes, Tanya, and Aaron are joined by Tanya Higgins and Scary Voice Mr. Christopher Solace of A Better Way Merchandising Service. They also demonstrate how we use the show for shameless self promotion. But we do talk a good deal about merchandising for a webcomic and we glaze over putting up a store.

This week we set our Beacon Searchlight on Hexagon Death Squad! Don’t forget the Strip Weekly Ringside Update! Milestones reported this week: Rooster Teeth Comics (300), Amazoness (100), Questionable Content (5-Years).

Also, don’t forget to vote for the Jenny Everywhere “Draw” to Win contest! Right here on The Webcomic Beacon, brought to you by The Shifter Archive and WAGON Webcomic Battle! Voting Ends Saturday night!

Episode 34 - Merchandising


For next week, we’ll be sitting down with some of the Comic Fencing webcomic review guys. We’ll also be having our first Webcomic Rescue segment with Minos the Minotaur! Get involved with the show online, or leave a message at the new call-in number at 1+320-310-0922!

Sites mentioned this week: Sweet Baby Ribs, Swag Junkies, Cafe Press, Lulu, The T-Shirt Warehouse, Shirt Supplier, Odd Child Underground, Ka-Blam, Exciern, The GigCast,