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WOWIO is back up - comics available for download and now -- reading online.  I'll post my reactions tomorrow probably.

Re: WOWIO Back

Unfortunately their business model has changed.  Now instead of free downloads, it's free online viewing, with downloads at a price (currently around 1 to 3 dollars, though I did see one at $18) with one free sponsored download from one area.

I don't know about everyone else, but I was using WowIO as a source of ebooks for offline reading, and this pretty much guts it for me.  I hope they switch back to a model that allows for more free downloads.


Re: WOWIO Back

And for the first time I'm able to read its stuff here in the UK, which is a definite improvement from my viewpoint. ;) As promised they've loosened the registration requirements, just asking for name and e-mail address. So it's looking good from the readers' side at least.