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Drunk Duck Awards 2008

Click here to nominate Shades!Just in case there's anyone reading who doesn't know, Drunk Duck is a webcomic hosting site and, towards the end of last year, we began serialising Shades there, as well as at our own BVC website.

Well, those nice people at DD have decided to give out lovely awards again this year, so - if you've been enjoying Shades at either site, please do support us by giving us your nomination!


If you are already registered at DD, just click on the banner below and nominate Shades, in as many categories as you think it deserves ... Best super hero comic, Best traditonal art comic, Best dialogue etc are probably the most relevant but there are also some wonderfully unusual categories like Best protagonist (Boo? Stan?) and Best backgrounds, so feel free to nominate us in as many categories as you think appropriate!

If you're not already registered at Drunk Duck you can register now (it's all free!) at the DD homepage.

Thanks, guys!