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Site Maintenance; Features Articles Update Coming

I've had to tackle some under-the-hood site maintenance and that's delayed another feature articles update.  Hopefully tonight!

In sporadically researched news-for-today:

ComicsMix links to a funny parody/mashup called Calvin and Jobs.

Very cool guest week at Wapsi Square commencing now with stuff from Scott Sava; Ryan Sias; Gisèle Lagacé; Trudy Cooper; and David Reddick.

Comics Reporters catches news of the exact date of the end of For Better or For Worse, sadly concluding with the just-doesn't-work plot of the wedding of Anthony and Elizabeth... (well unless creator Lynn Johnston has secretly viewed FBOFW as a story of great tragedy all along...)

DJ Coffman comments on WOWIO charging the same price for ebook versions of Hero By Night as the paper versions: ridiculous.

Comics Worth Reading reviews the Zuda entries for August.

The Scienteers have a rundown of the week at DrunkDuck comics.

Journalista! catches interviews with Cul de Sac creator Richard Thompson, Candorville creator Darrin Bell, The Araknid Kid creator Josh Alves, and Pictures for Sad Children cartoonist John Campbell.


Re: Site Maintenance; Features Articles Update Coming

Coffman posted an update: Wowio just dropped its prices for Hero By Night downloads to $0.99 for the comic issues. (The printed comicbooks are $2.99 at Platinum's store. The HBN journals and trade book are $2.99 for Wowio downloads, and I can't find them in the Platinum store.)

Re: Site Maintenance; Features Articles Update Coming

Correction: The HBN Journals and Trade book downloads are $1.99 - I mixed up there. Sorry, folks.

Re: Site Maintenance; Features Articles Update Coming

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Thanks for the tip Tim.

I run this place! Tip the piano player on the way out.