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Doctor Visits and What Not

I went to the eye doctor this past Friday and she told me that the blurred vision was due to my sugar. The good news is that it was not due to retinal detachment or retinopathy.  So, she advised that my sugar was up a bit, which it had been.  Okay, been there before, know how to fix it.  I went to the diabetes clinic on Monday and saw two doctors and they both concluded that I was fine.  In fact they suggested that I lower the dosage of my diabetes meds.  One of the blood tests they performed, called a hemoglobin A1C test, shows how well the blood sugar has performed in the last three months.  A person w/out diabetes should have a number of 6.  Mine was 5.6. However, this afternoon I ate an apple and my sugar spiked to 230 and back down to 130 within an hour.  Also, I have been feeling very weak and tired ever since Thursday and as I suspected this was due to the radical diet change.  I’ll have to modify that.  Unfortunately, even after all this, my eyes are still getting worse little by little.  If I had to guess I would still say it is my sugar and I will continue to work on that.  Thanks!