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Templar: Being a bodyguard is EXTREMELY glamorous.

Hi, guys.

Okay, so, I just upgraded to MT4, and things are gonna be a little weird. Bear with me, there are still some bugs to work out.

That worked to the advantage of the comic, though. That means you get to see all this at once.

So, yeah. Here he is, Scip on the job. Reggie Love shadowing Barack Obama, he is most definitely not.

And in case you missed it... I wouldn't blame you, it's been a while... There are a couple of familiar faces (or at least, names) here besides Scip's.  We saw the first one in chapter one, and the second was off-handedly mentioned in chapter two.

This town's crazy that way. There's no escaping anybody, not really.

And before I go, some quick technical stuff.

Since the blog is now MT4 and not MT2, the feed address for it... You know, the address the RSS is published at... That's changed.

The OLD RSS, which will no longer be updated:

The NEW RSS, which you should subscribe to if you're currently subscribed to the old RSS:

So update your links and bookmarks and whatnot!

Also I'm still deciding on how fascist I want the new blog's comment filter, so if something you guys see me doing there doesn't suit you, let me know and I'll fiddle with the switchboard.