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What Happened?

New comic, and a little information.

Hey, guys. Back from San Diego. Had a great con, but I came home to an inbox chock-full of questions and warnings about the state of my site, and the state of my host. I've had the problem explained to me, and I'm gonna go ahead and explain it to you, too.

Templar is hosted by Webcomics Nation, and my domain is a redirect; I don't actually have my own site and webspace for the comic. Over the weekend, WCN got hacked, and someone slipped some malware onto every page of the site in a secret iframe. Google caught on early, and began blocking WCN and sending out warnings to browsers.

(If you accessed the site anyway last weekend by turning off or toning down your browser's security settings, please, run a virus check on your computer as soon as possible. The malware was a Trojan. I have no idea what it was meant to do, but probably nothing good.)

Then, in a feat of timing I'd snort contemptuously at if I read it in a work of fiction, the second the programmers got the server scrubbed clean, WCN's domain registration expired. It was set to auto-renew on a card that had since been canceled, and was never switched over to a new account.

Everything should be fixed now, though. If it's not fixed for you, wait a bit for the DNS to propagate.

Sorry about that. Everything is better now, though.

Later: Super-informal con report. but for now, just the important part, via camera phone.