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Webcomic Beacon #37 - Spectacular Failure #2

Fes and Tanya, are joined by Ben Carver to help salvage what Murphy’s Law had done to this week’s show! Awesome!Let’s say it’s everyone’s fault… yea… let’s go with that. Well, Hopefully this is entertaining since Fes get’s made fun of for not knowing how to do things. We also talk about a few things brought up in The Webcomic List forums. Some of which turned into a discussion on Feminism. And then we roll into how Fes can’t do things again.

Mary Savary brings us his thoughts on webcomic updates, and goes over The World’s Worst Webcomic, Avoid Spikes, Butternut Squash, Bugsport, Pirate & Alien, and Daedalus Blue. Also we have a Beacon Searchlight of Jakob’s Hourly Comic project. Don’t forget the Strip Weekly Ringside Update! Deadline for Round 171: Videos Games is August 18th!

Mark Savary takes a look at The World’s Worst Webcomic by Evil Couch, Avoid Spikes by Martin & Wolf, Butternut Squash by Ramón Pérez and Rob Coughler, Bugsport by Ted Bastien, Pirate & Alien by Tyson Smith, and Daedalus Blue by John Aggs and Dave Andrews.

J. Jacques of Questionable Content introduces our show this week! Special break music was from Lord Pandar’s coming music album, with samples at, whom of which also did this week’s cover!

Episode 37 - Spectacular Failure #2

Sites mentioned: Galaxion, School Spirit, Comic Genesis, Drunk Duck, Exiern, CSS Zen Garden, Net Mechanic, Coffee Cup, The Webcomic List ForumsDMFA, The Devil’s Panties, Penny Arcade, Templar Arizona, Queen of Wands, Something Positive, American Gothic, Girls with Sling-Shots, Girl Genius, Girl-a-Matic, Girl Wonder, Webcomics Weekly, Downloadable Content, Digital Strips, Art and Story, The Gig Cast, Kaspall, Punch and Pie, Jenny Everywhere, Blade of Toshubi, Also you can check out the prep work for the Halloween Cameo Caper 2008!