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Templar: Scip and I hold the same views on urine.

That is to say, we feel that we are best off without any on our pretty little skirts.

I have no idea how much Scip's getting paid to deal with this crap, but it's probably not enough.

Later today, I shall add some new fan art to the fan art pages, but for now:

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I've also added a StumbleUpon button to the "social bookmarking" buttons below the comic pages. Stumble me, and I shall be quite grateful for it. I'm kinda curious to see how well that really works.

Oh, and the Templar Facebook fan group already has over 100 members! Wow, that was pretty quick. I'll hafta upload some exclusive art or something for you guys. Thanks!

There, I think that's all the housekeeping. More comics soon!