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Aggravation of the Week

So, I went to San Diego Comic Con this year. I did have a great time, though it’s not something I feel like I need to do again, unless I’m exhibiting. Of course, I always enjoy cons more when I’m hawking my own wares. After Comic Con was over, I decided to be clever and ship all my purchases back home, along with a bunch of DVDs and CDs I picked up while visiting my friend in LA, instead of trying to carry it all on the plane.

Great plan. Except not.

The box arrived yesterday, completely split open at the sides, with a sad little piece of tape holding the bottom on. Almost everything in it was gone. All the DVDs, half the CDs, most of the books, and all the mini comics. Some of the books with artist sketches in them too, including sketches from Spike and Faith Erin Hicks. All gone. I’m still trying to pursue it with the PO, see if maybe some of the stuff can be tracked down, but I don’t really expect to get very far. We’ll see.

On the bright side, a few stray items did manage to stay in the box–I still ended up with the two volumes of Digger I bought, and two of the six volumes of Stray Bullets that I had loaned my friend last time I saw him. And three of my CD made it. Of course, I’d rather have the books–I’d already loaded the CDs onto my iPod before I left, so I have the music either way. But the books are gone.

So, lesson to clever con-goers: if you decide to ship your books home instead of taking them on the plane, make sure to buy the insurance they offer. It’s worth it.