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Templar: Scipio's mom is pretty cool, you guys.

Just ask him! He'll tell you so!

Although I have to admit, knowing how to cook an elephant calf is probably pretty cool by most people's standards.

Yet another name you guys will have to remember and wonder about; Astrid Spencer, mother of Scipio. Feel free to hypothesize what kinda woman she is.


I doubt many of you are anywhere near Champaign, Illinois, but if you are, why not head on down to the Krannert Art Museum and check out some of my work in the show currently running there? The show's called "Out of Sequence," and I'm in damn good company, if I do say so myself. So even if you think my stuff is ass warmed over, there's still plenty to look at.

Also, I pretty much got the best email in the world, yesterday. I hope the sender doesn't mind me posting about it; I won't even mention names until I have permission. But... some of you guys who have been following me long enough might remember that I mummified my pet rat Beavis a few years ago, and posted a step-by-step. (Warning: Blood, guts, etc.) Well, someone found my instructions! Look at the picture they sent me!


Beavis has a playmate in the afterlife! How fucking rad is that?

maybe I oughta spend the weekend migrating my rat mummification project over to Instructables. Would they allow rat guts, y'think?