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Melpomene now FREE Online

Melpomene: The Chaos Orb, the online graphic novel from Jamie Robertson and Clint Hollingsworth, is now online for free. The Clan of the Cats spin-off was originally intended for Keenspot Premium, a service Keenspot discontinued in May of 2008.

The story, completed in 2005, centered on Corrine Melpomene "Mel" Chattan, hot headed sister to COTC star, Chelsea Chattan. Here is a brief taste of the plot:  Chelsea is kidnapped. Timon may be a traitor! Mel and Jacob hunt down old enemies only to be lead into a trap Naked Chelsea! Mel goes Chattan Curse-crazy on an army of goons and slaughters them like cattle. Betrayal, adventure, werewolves, naked cat-witches in bondage and bloodshed are drawn beautifully by Wandering Ones master, Clint Hollingsworth.

Written by Jamie Robertson and beautifully illustrated by Clint Hollingsworth, Melpomene: The Chaos Orb is also available as a real "hold it in your hands" graphic novel. Go buy it!