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Interview with DC's Paul Levitz

Publisher's Weekly has an interview with Paul Levitz of DC on the digital future of comics.  Nothing particularly revealing in it although Levitz imagines the current print to digital relationship to be something like radio to tv at the begining of television where television borrrowed from radio shows for awhile until ideas native to tv alone took off.  I wouldn't think that would be particularly comforting to DC and other print-heavy entities, although I suppose that having Zuda might be one of DC's strategies to be part of "digital comics taking off".  It's not a great analogy but it's interesting to see Levitz continue to talk about DC's digital strategies.


Re: Interview with DC's Paul Levitz

A better (MUCH BETTER) metaphor would be the migration of pulp fiction and stage-plays to radio. In the first case you have something with a limited, physical quantity (books, seats at the play, etc). Whether you checked it out free at the library, or snuck into the theater, the principle of limitation remained.

On the radio, however, these dramas could have 10 listeners or 10,000 listeners with no impact to the publisher's resources.

That's the change we're facing today. Resources for print are high, resources for digital media are low. Independent creators can enter the market and compete, and even dominate, because it's not about resources. It's about quality of product and skill in marketing.