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Webcomic Beacon #39 - Restarting Your Webcomic

Episode 39 - Restarting Your WebcomicTara of Galaxion joins Fes, Aaron, and Tanya as we go over reasons and “how-to”s of restarting your webcomic. We also get Jason Wilson of Smuggling Vacation on to discuss some “controversy” that came from his print comic.  And David Willis of Shortpacked introduces our show this week.


Milestones this week: Jazz and Jess (3-yrs) and Code Name Hunter (7-yrs). The Beacon Searchlight points at Unions of Heros and we give it our impressions. Mark Savary comes back with a review of Last Place Comics.

Don’t forget the Strip Weekly Ringside Update! Lisa Sindorf and Peterson Trethewey came in first for Round 171: “Video Games”. Vote now for Round 172: “Birth”. The deadline to get your entries in for Round 172: “Made in China” is September 1st!  

Sites mentioned: Midwest Fur Fest, Fan Expo, Geek Kon, Girl-a-Matic, ReBoot, Dark Red, and be sure to check out our Talk Shoe page for “Extra Content” from after the show ends.

Next week we will be talking about Superhero Webcomics once again! Join us LIVE on Sunday at 3pm Eastern. We hope to have Ben of Point Guardian, Al of Mind Mistress, Mr. Neil of Dasien, and Abby of The Green Avenger.