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Shaenon Pimps Webcomics

Apparently there's a thing today where webcartoonists are supposed to recommend other webcomics. It goes without saying that you should be reading the comics on Modern Tales, which I edit, and I think it's pretty widely known that I'm a fan of Phil and Kaja Foglio's Girl Genius. So what else?

  1. Knowledge Is Power. I liked Irony Chan's previous webcomic, "Get Medieval," and I was happy to pick up her other current webcomic, "Dumnestor's Heroes," for Modern Tales. But this one has been growing on me too. It's about college students who, thanks to a spacetime accident, acquire superpowers based on their majors. What does the English major get? The power to alter reality, bitches.
  2. Dicebox. Still the best comic ever about itinerant female miners in outer space. Who are married. The latest chapter ended recently, so now's a good time to catch up.
  3. The Chronicles of William Bazillion. Andrew's evil-minded comic about a boy adventurer. The current storyline is entitled "The Race for Santa's Nazi Gold," which is probably all you need to know.