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This announcement by Oni and 60Frames of linking some new comics to some web videos just scream "gimmick" to me.  Or am I supposed to believe that the artists involved got together and said "This story just demands to be told in both comic and video form!!!"

Also, Jennifer de Guzman thinks people writing about comics should write better and broader.  I can see that.  Although you're never going to get people who are hardcore into superhero comic books and its culture to write (or read) about anything else.  Luckily there's lots more to comics these days though...


Re: Gimmicky

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I think Paul O'Brien of The X-Axis said it best.  Fans of superheroes aren't necessarily fans of comic books as a medium.  It's just that comic books are the primary medium where superhero fans can go to to get their fix.  So why convince them they should like American Splendor or Meat Cake, for instance?  Just because both they, like the latest issue of The Hulk, happen to tell stories in sequential panels?

It's like asking fans of action movies to love Fried Green Tomatoes.  They are both movies, after all, and if you love Die Hard shouldn't you like all movies?

(Unfortunately, Ninth Art, where the article was posted, seems to be down.  Otherwise, I'd post a link directly to that piece.)