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NCWCCC Anthology 2 - Cover, Introduction and Size

Hi all,

Apologies for all the posts, but we really do need to get this thing rolling.  Once we have a few more details established I will stop pestering you all. ;)

Since we are short of time on this, Larry and I have made some executive decisions concerning Anthology 2.  If there are any problem with this action please direct them to me ( 

COVER: We have someone to do the front cover and the back cover.  Alan Welch of Reverie Realm  will be doing the front cover.  Larry “McKenzee” Holderfield will be doing the back.  As we will be going through Lulu once again there are no inside covers. 

INTRODUCTION AND BLURBS: We have decided to ask T Campbell to do our introduction.  We also intend to invite Eric Burns, Gary Tyrrell, Phil Khan and Xaviar Xerexes to include blurbs throughout the book.  We could probably squeeze in one or two more blurbs, so if you have an idea for someone please let me know.

SIZE: Unless anyone strongly objects we will go ahead w/ the same size as last year.  8 ½ x 8 ½.

Currently we do have some confirmations for the book.

Larry Holderfield (8 Pages)
Zack Smith (6 Pages)
J Gray (page count unknown)
Mike Moon (2 to 4 pages)
Jamie Robertson (4 Pages)
Chelsea Black (3 Pages)
Jesse Justice (4 to 8 Pages)

Ursula Vernon
Ryan Rubio and Thomas Boatwright
Paul Friedrich
Dan Jolley

And nothing is set in stone until the 15th of September, so you still have time to back out.  ;)  If your name is not on the above list and it SHOULD be, please let me know.  If your name is on the list and it SHOULDN”T be, please let me know that too. 

And that’s it.