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The Gigcast 159 Tanya Rocks the ‘Cast

We Talk with Tanya Higgins of Beta Pwned, A Better Way Merchandising and The Webcomics BeaconChristian Ellis Shallow and the TB-BA Spotlight.

In the News: Shortpacked creator David Willis hits 11 years comicing.


Lou Graziani

Hi Guys,
I just heard the Gigcast for the first time.  I’ve been doing my webcomic since 05, and I’ve heard of your podcast a number of times, but this was the first time I’ve listened.  I bookmarked it and I’ll be back.

I checked out that “Union of Heroes”.  Its not that far along yet, but I like it.  I look forward to seeing how far they can take that super hero concept.  WIll it mostly be regular 2o somethings talking, or will it be full out “xmen” style action?  This is a style that is surprisingly rare and they seem to be off to a pretty good start…

If you are looking for more material to review, you could check out my comic:
That’s what I’m busy coloring now while I listen…

Ingress and Egress, the new Split Lip horror comic

Ingress and Egress, the new Split Lip horror comic, has just gone live in its entirety at the Split Lip website. You can read the story at Ingress and Egress was written by Sam Costello and drawn by Jason Ho.  Ingress and Egress is the 19th Split Lip story, bringing the site to over 235 pages of free comics

TB-BA Spotlight

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