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NCWCCC Anthology 2 (Specs and Deadlines Updated)

Hi all,

Below are all the specs for the NCWCCC Anthology 2 Book. I have offered two versions. The short version goes over stuff you NEED TO KNOW. The long version includes greater detail and more lenient deadline. I’ve worked with artists before. ;)

Short Version (Stuff you NEED to know)

1. Deadline for all work, covers and biographies is Saturday, November 15th. Biographies cannot exceed 100 words. Please include your URL in your bio.

2. Work must not exceed 8” x 8” in dimension. A tad smaller would be better. All art must be B & W or grayscale, at least 300 dpi and in TIF format. You may submit work in PDF format.

3. FTP information will be provided via email.

5. Hard deadline for corrected work is December 15th.

Long Version

Okay, if you really want to know what’s going on, read below.

THEME: Fortune Cookies. Due to time factors this theme has already been chosen. (This means your story or art must be about or incorporate fortune cookies in some way.)

MEDIUM: Like Anthology 1, we will accept comics, art, photography, short stories, essays, poetry or a mix of all of the above. While we prefer new art, you may submit something you have already done, but it cannot be from the first NCWCCC anthology. It won’t fit the theme. ;)

TECHNICAL SPECS: Comics/art/photography – Please send black & white or grayscale art. (If you send color pics they will be turned to grayscale.) All art must be at least 300 dpi and in TIF format. JPGs will be accepted, but please note that quality may suffer as a result. You may also submit your work in PDF format if you like.
Stories/essays/poetry – If at all possible please send any written work in a WORD doc, but that is not mandatory. If you desire a specific font please send a True Type font w/ your work. Mac fonts cannot be accepted at this time. Book will be 8 ½ x 8 ½, same as the last one.

FTP information will be provided via email.

ISBN: It has been suggested that we apply for an ISBN number through Lulu. To do this we must comply with certain distribution standards. Here is a page w/ all the benefits and requirements of a Lulu ISBN. To comply w/ these standards w/ an 8 ½ x 8 ½ book your work cannot exceed 8” x 8” in dimensions. A tab smaller would be even better. Also, there cannot be spine text on books with less than 80 pages, and I don’t think we are going to make that.

: You may submit two to six pages which may be a continuous story or a series of illustrations, or whatever. The six page limit is only a suggestion, but please try to keep your page count to an even number. (We need to know your page count by September 20th)

INTRODUCTION AND BLURBS: We plan to ask T Campbell to provide our Intro. Mckenzee also suggested that certain webcomic Notables provide blurbs about the book or the Clatch itself which would then be included throughout the book. These notables include Eric Burns, Gary Tyrrell, Phil Khan and Frank Statio. (Introduction and blurbs should be sent in by December 1st)

COVER: The front and back cover will be in color. Currently, both the front and back covers are spoken for. Both front and back covers should be at least 300 DPI and in TIF format or PDF. Book will be 8 ½ x 8 ½, same as the last one, so for full bleed a wrap around cover should be 17.25" (+ spine) x 8.75".

: Please submit a small biography about you, your comic or both. Please keep the word count to roughly 100 words. Ten words more or less will make no difference. Also include no more than TWO URLs to be listed along w/ your biography. (Deadline for Biographies is same as other work, November 24th)

EDITING: This year our book will be edited by Zack Smith. He will be editing comics, stories, introduction, blurbs, copyright page, etc. I plan to submit each work to Zack as it comes in. If any corrections are needed we will contact you with Zack’s notes. Once the work is corrected, please upload the work to the FTP once again AND LET ME KNOW!! If your work does not require any corrections we will send you an email stating so. (Corrections should be made and uploaded or sent in by December 15th)

DEADLINES: Like last year we would like to debut the book at What the Hell Con. WTHC is scheduled for February 6th – 8th, which is almost two weeks earlier than last year. That means, even though we are getting an earlier start on this thing we actually have a little less time to slap it together. Therefore I have already put together a timeline of deadline dates. They are as follows:

· September 15th – Deadline for participation, size and your page count. (Because of time constraints we are going to be a little stricter w/ deadlines, so if you don’t think you can make these deadlines, please do not sign up. Also, depending on when you read this the deadline is either today or it has already passed.)

· September 20th – Hard Deadline for Page count. (You should know how many pages you plan to submit by this date, and when you know, please let me know.)

· September 30th – Hard deadline for Title (We don’t have a title yet and we need one, especially if we are going to plug this thing. Everyone put your thinking caps on!)

· November 15th – Deadline for all work and biographies to be submitted. This includes front and back covers. (This is your one week warning deadline. Please, by all means submit your work earlier if you can.)

· November 24th – Hard Deadline for all work and biographies to be submitted. This includes front and back covers. (This means that your finished work MUST be uploaded to the FTP site before Tuesday, November 25th. Bios should be emailed separately and include your name and URLS.)

· December 1st – Hard Deadline for Intro and blurbs. (We should keep whoever gets this job in the deadline loop.)

· December 15th – Hard Deadline for Corrections. (All corrections as suggested by the editor must be done by this date. That means the corrected work is uploaded or emailed to me by this date. )

· January 1st – Hard Deadline to send finished PDF to Lulu for printing (The book is done, fini, completed, and ready to roll.)

NCWCCC Anthology 2 Participants

Larry Holderfield (8 Pages)
Zack Smith (6 Pages)
J Gray (4 to 6 Pages)
Mike Moon (4 pages)
Jamie Robertson (4 Pages)
Chelsea Black (3 Pages)
Jesse Justice (4 to 8 Pages)
Ursula Vernon (2 Pages)
Leah Riley (4 Pages)
Caldwell Tanner (2 Pages)
Phillip Wright (8 Pages)
Alex Wilson (2 Pages)
Alan Whelch (1 Page and Front Cover)
Stephanie Freese (2 Pages)
Matt Wood, David Milloway and Peter Venables (8 Pages)
Paul Friedrich (2 Pages)
Rob Cameron (2 Pages)
Thomas Boatwright (and maybe Ryan Rubio) (2 Pages)
64 Pages of Content


Phil Lagas-Rivera
Rachel Nabors

Yes, this is essentially a copy of a earlier, now edited post.