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Earth Day? No! Estrada Day!

John Baird (Create a Comic Project), and Ryan Estrada have teamed up to release Create a Comic Project Presents: Climate Change. The 34-page comic book, which explores the various facets of climate change, is published through

The comic is the first issue in the Create a Comic Project's Presents line, which seeks to use comics to educate kids about various subjects, such as public health, government, and economics. Climate change was chosen as the first topic to coincide with yearlong efforts by the Association of Schools of Public Health (ASPH) to raise public awareness of the issue.

"[The ASPH] is very excited about this project," said Laura Biesiadecki, Senior Program Manager of the ASPH.

John Baird's narrative explores climate change in both its historical and modern day contexts, going through how the Earth's temperatures change, what greenhouse gases are, and why burning oil could be exacerbating the process. It also covers how scientists study climate change and several of the recent developments. As an added bonus, text free versions of every page are included in the comic to allow kids to create their own climate change tale.

"Why did I announce this comic book on Estrada Day?" said writer John Baird. "Because I wanted to be among the first to blatantly commercialize the holiday. Remember, only 365 days until the next Estrada Day!"

The Create a Comic Project is a youth literacy program that teaches kids to enjoy creative writing through comics. For three years and counting, the project has helped educate hundreds of children from all walks of life. Many of the Internet’s top webcomics have loaned their art for use in the project, making the CCP one of the largest multi-comic educational collaborations of its kind.

John Baird’s earliest experience tutoring others was in elementary school reading to younger kids. He liked it so much he kept doing it well into his college years, earning recognition from AmeriCorps for his service to the community. He thought of the Create a Comic Project while working as an English teacher in Taiwan, ROC, to promote creativity and language skills among his students. He’s currently in Pittsburgh, PA, tutoring at-risk urban youths.

Ryan Estrada is just this guy, you know?