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Chest Pains a Plenty (and a whole lot more)…

I’ve had serious chest pains that started when I lifted my daughter up this morning. It feels as though someone has wedged an ice pick in my sternum. I doubt it’s something more than a chest sprain, but I’m taking it easy for a while.

On a more cheery note, Jarmo, my buddy from Finland, just sent along a ‘toon he drew featuring Bob. I’ve known Jarmo for only a few months, but he’s a really cool guy and is always eager to hang out when I broadcast PCW-TV on UStream. Give his site some love!

My favorite webcomics news site is Fleen - Gary and his crew always serve up some entertaining news and views on the very pulse of the medium. Ryan Estrada, who provided today’s PCW strip, has also drawn 69 other webcomics - all published today. For the ever-growing list, consult this Fleen post.

A new Art & Story Alive episode is also now available. This show was a lot of fun - the conversation and topics flowed really well. Have a peek, and be sure to check out the article on show hosts Jerzy and Mark. Congrats guys!

Finally, just a reminder: There will be a new Sequential Artists’ Pub show this Friday at 10PM EST on Talkshoe. There’s been some good conversation happening in the SAP message board, if you want to get some insight into our panel discussions.