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Eyeskream Comic Swap IV: Choose correctly and win!

It’s time for  Eyeskream Comic Swap IV - September 22nd to 28th. 

This annual event gets the Eyeskream members to draw comics for one another.  The comics that each member is assigned to draw are randomly selected in secret.  So the artists don't know who is drawing their comic, until the finished work is sent to them.

If you can “guess” the correct guest artist of each comic, you could win a fabulous “commissioned drawing” by the participating artist of your choice. (The commissioned drawing is up to the artist’s discretion) You can win a commissioned drawing by guessing which eyeskream artist is drawing each comic. The form and all the info you need can be found by clicking "here".

Simply fill the form "here" and hit the send button. The FIRST person to correctly identify EACH “guest artist” will win. You have until September 28th to submit your answers. The winner will be announced on the September 29th. Good luck!