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Webcomic Wire - 9/26/08

Drawn from sources all over the strange but wonderful series of tubes…

  • The Night Owls, a series based on a comic strip from Zuda Comics, is about to start a second season.
  • Nicu has a how-to post about working in Inkscape.
  • CBR reports that Shadowline is expanding Image’s new webcomic line.  News-A-Rama and have more.
  • This Week in Webcomics has a review of Untrue Tales.
  • Another list of 5 great webcomics that you should read by
  • PopMatters has a post about Achewood: The Great Outdoor Fight.
  •  On a note unrelated to webcomics Dr. Horrible: League of Evil is now accepting applications.

Re: Webcomic Wire - 9/26/08

Interview of the author on how to write books Achewood: The Great Outdoor Fight and what in that book is not horrible. All about the second book and plans for the future psmotret interview here All recommend!

Re: Webcomic Wire - 9/26/08

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That site - tubevideo - wanted to download something to my computer that I didn't recognize so I'd definitely recommend NOT clicking on the link.

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