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Webcomic Wire - 9/29/08

Drawn from resources all over the actual physical world…

  • Congratulations to Nicholas Gurewitch who won two Harvey Awards!
  • St. Paul has declared October 4th to be Comic Book Day!
  • Next Comic Fencing has their review of Calamities of Nature posted as well they announce that their next review will be of Night Owls.
  • Xavier Xerexes interviews Pokey The Penguin in honor of his 10th anniversary of being on the web.
  • XKCD is on again with his log-scale map of the observable universe.
  • Ponoko’s Photomake could lead to some interesting products from saavy webcartoonists.
  • Baltimore Webcomics Panel as covered by CBR.
  • The Floating Lightbulb has an interesting post entitled ‘Are More Webcomics Better?’.
  • PCNA Graphic Novel Showcase wants you to join them for the third annual 24 Hour Comics Day challenge if you can make it to Portland.
  • Bomb Shelter Comics has announced the judges for their Webcomic Idol contest and that they will start accepting submissions October 1st.

Reported by Michael Moss.