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COMICS ARE BACK! - And this time it’s personal.  Literally.

From today, you can create your very own comics - from panels or strips to entire graphic novels - from a huge range of actual comic characters, backgrounds and props. Only now, the hero is You. Or your cat, or your client, your best friend, your car, your kids, or Judge Dredd. The villain could be your boss, the neighbour’s cat, the éclair you lose a weekly titanic battle with, the Competition, George W Bush (or Sarah Palin), the monster under the bed, a bad hair day, or Osama bin Laden. The arena for your epic struggle could even be your vacation, the local park, the beach, your front room, San Diego ComicCon, Metropolis, Middle-Earth, orOuter Space (the Final Frontier).

All this, and so much more, is possible because unlike ordinary photo editing software you can upload your own photos and drawings, giving a new lease of life to thosewatercolours from your art classes or the kid’s pictures on the fridge door, andthen use them in your comics. Mixed with the free and premium comic artpacks (all new registrations are given 1000 free points; more than
enough to start you Comicbrushing) you can create unique comics personal to you, your family, your friends, your job, your weekend, your weekend bender, your Gran’s special recipe for apple crumble (step by step), or your plans for World Domination. You get the idea.

Once you’ve created your comic strip, the genius of which won’t have been seen since Garfield discovered lasagne, clicking on ‘share’ lets you email it to your friends and family, upload it to Facebook, or MySpace, and you can also send it to your iPhone to keep you giggling all the way to work.

Even without your own photos, the sheer choice of artpacks is enough to get the creative juices flowing. Unleash your wicked sense of humour with scathing political satire, brandish the torch for the Olympics, or reveal your paparazzi-like eye for the latest celebrity scandal or office gossip. You could even find your inner Spielberg and storyboard that film you’ve always wanted to make. is free to use and the points you redeem for the comic artpacks are cheap and easy to buy securely from the Comicbrush store. Budding Comicbrushers should also visit sister-site, the world’s leading digital comic publisher, to see how the professionals do it.

Draw inspiration; have a brush with life, the universe, and everything, with Comicbrush.