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Webcomic Wire - 10/3/08

  • The Daily Cartoonist played host to a spirited debate started by an analysis of the business model for webcomic creators described in the Halfpixel book ‘How To Make Webcomics’ by Ben Gordon. Fleen has more.
  • has a sneak peak at the new Hulk webcomic.
  • This Week in Webcomics is reporting that Goblins creator Thunt turns pro. Congratulations!
  • ComixTalk posts about, a free web-based software for creating webcomics from the Clickwheel folks.
  • ROK Comics announces the winner of their ROK and a Hard Place competition.
  • The Webcomic Overlook is slowing down for a while to get married. Congratulations and come back soon!
  • Zortic returns to webcomics. Welcome back!
  • Xerexes of ComxTalk fame will be covering SPX on Sunday.
  • 10 years sees the end of Cigarro & Cerveja.
  • Orphan Works bill was quietly killed in the House.
  • Li’l Nyet posts it’s 100th episode! Congratulations Bengo and Pug!
  • Is your webcomic collective spread all over the universe? Hard to get together to plan stuff? Try DabbleBoard, a shared whiteboard for planning and strategy sessions.
  • Lifehacker also posts that GIMP 2.6 has been released with some new goodness.
  • Clone Wars webcomics are a go!