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Dear Editors of Time Magazine:

After reading Belinda Luscombe's article Why Some Women Hate Sarah Palin, I will not be renewing my subscription to TIME. It was illuminating to learn that Luscombe and TIME believe the only reason I, as a woman, could dislike a female politician--a politician who is laughably inarticulate and ill-informed, has almost no credentials, and seems have entered politics only to punish her enemies, give her friends cushy jobs, and curtail her fellow citizens' freedoms--is because I'm a catty overgrown schoolgirl who hates how gosh-darn pretty she is, you betcha. Thanks for letting me know that you feel women are incapable of forming opinions about candidates based on their positions and public behavior rather than how they wear their hair. Were I to continue to read your magazine, I'd look forward to the follow-up article opining that men who vote against Obama are just jealous of his adorable ears.

Given TIME's low opinion of me and other women, my opinion of TIME is currently unprintable. I'm sure I can find another magazine more deserving of my subscription.

Shaenon K. Garrity