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Took the family up to Minneapolis to visit some old friends and attend Fallcon, a small but growing comicon there.

They took fantastic care of all the creators there, even had someone show me to my table personally. I couldn’t have asked for more.

I sat next to a couple of very cool guys just getting started with their webcomic, Blank it comics. It’s the ultimate story about nothing, with two goofballs wandering around an infinite plain trying to deal with the reality - or non-reality - they found there. Very funny, and they’re going to do very well.

And I got to visit briefly with Diana Nock, whose mini I picked up at Wizard World was a favorite of my girls.

Nice crowd too. I could only be there Saturday because we had to drive back on Sunday. I brought up 30 books, donated one to their charity auction and sold the rest by 2:30. Allowed me to go out and enjoy the nice afternoon with my family at the city’s beautiful sculpture garden.

I’ll definitely be back there next year, with more books and for both days!

Oh, and they also had the Batmobile!


Batmobile interior