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Gigcast 163… Fall-Con Update

JT and Scott talk Webcomics,  Christian Ellis Shallow Thoughts and TBBA Spotlight.


Fall Con

No Brand Con


Hello, please check out my new wacky webcomic, Barry.  He lives with his Ma in Queens….insert high hilarity now!
I am trying to help promote and profit via my new website, if you dig it please pass the link on to your pals.. Thank you.

Ed Johnson

I do a couple of webcomics using action figures – hoped I could get a mention on your site – or maybe link up

Thks in advance

Ed Johnson Marvelous World vol. 1

Tales of Marvel comics heroes Nick 12 Days

When a down and out Santa is given another chance at sainthood he cant resist – even if it means killing a Hollywood celeb

HIGH MOON, the werewolf western webcomic, continues its startling second season!

To celebrate the one year anniversary of HIGH MOON on October 30 and the awesomeness of HALLOWEEN, our posse is staging a goodie giveway. If you dress up as any character from HIGH MOON and send us the picture , we’ll send some tricks and treats your way, including some productions notes, script samples, signed zuda samplers, and an original sketch.
Dress as Jeb, Conroy, Tara, Mac, Tristan, a werebat or a Steam Engine Golem … its up to you.
This is not a contest. Just dress up as one of the characters and send us a picture. That’s all you have to do. It’s that simple.
You can send your photo to us at:

Katherine Sekelsky Synchronism relaunched


I’ve recently relaunched my comic, Synchronism (formerly done under the pen name Reva Sharp), after a year and a half hiatus.  I’ve only just restarted it, so there’s only one (or two, depending on how you look at it) page in the archives.  This is just a short news bite to announce its return. I’ll be doing more heavy promoting once I get the archives rebuilt a bit more.

It can be found at:


Twitter Bits

Frumph @JTShea News news news.. uhm Superfogeys has a trivia contest up starting today, awesome

Rampage October Contest -

ptimony @JTShea New animated Night Owls episode:

DivaLea @JTShea New project with fellow Comic Book Tattoo alum Josh Hechinger: The Moon is Mine, about a moon-based confectioner w/ a big hammer

TBBA Spotlight

Not for the kids, but funny:

Great strip for everyone:

Not so much a comic, but a comic social network. Seems to be growing fast:

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