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you gotta take em when you get em

my older daughter is a bit behind in what her teachers expect from her this year, so we spent tonight working with and reviewing stuff she is short on. She's flying headlong into tween-teen-ager-dom, and I badger her about cleaning her room and doing her chores. She is playing two sports as well as trying to hang out and be a kid, which means she really likes to spend copious amounts of time laying sedate in front of old episodes of Veronica Mars, as is the wont of her age.

After we studied states and capitals and I went off on a rousing diatribe about Napolean and Jefferson and why the left half of our country is big and boxy, she blurted out "You oughta be a teacher." and after I asked why, she said "Because you know how to talk like a 7th grader"

I've never ben called a 7th grader and been so proud. If 8 years of school to get a teaching degree wouldn't suck every bit of 7th grade out of me, I would entertain getting a degree.

For now though, i'll have to be happy with the odd art class at the local rec park center, and working on my 8th grade accent.