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Dock Boys, The Gigcast 164

JT and Scott talk Webcomics,  Christian Ellis Shallow Thoughts


This weeks Guest:
Scott Drummond from Dock Boys and his live streaming 24 hour comic day on Ustream.

Shallow Thoughts from Christiana Ellis

TB-BA Spotlight from Brian Anderson

Night Gig News:

kotaotan @JTShea Not as such for news, but I do have a copy of Errand Apprentice  #1 on the way. If it’s all good I’ll sell it and that’ll be news!

Tables have been ordered for Megacon

TB-BA Spotlight,
from the browser of Brian Anderson.
Visit Dog et Doug Online or follow Brian on Twitter.

Not sure if you’ve ever featured this one, but I’ve followed it for awhile:
Oh and a Zuda plug this week,  “Mathema” :
Oh yah.  This one’s getting good:

E-mail News

Send your webcomic news to: Gigcast (at)

from Mike Whitmer

1.  Pinkerton’s first collection “That’s The Smell Of Freedom” is now shipping over at Th3rd World.  You can purchase a copy for the low low price os $3.99 at

2.  Mike Sieber, creator of Charly and Friends is the newest member of Tall Tale Features.  His work can be seen at

That is all.  Over and out.

Slpit lip New

We’re halfway through October and also halfway through Split Lip’s two-year anniversary celebration.
As promised, we’re posting 1 new comic a week every Sunday all month. We led off the month with:
Bad Radio, art by Nelson Evergreen (“The Tree of Remembrance,” Split Lip) – a young boy makes friends over a ham radio, but his friend has an infamous past.

Most recently, we posted:

Mujer, by Sami Makkonen (“Harvestmen,” Split Lip) – The murders of women in Juarez, Mexico come to an inexplicable end.

This coming Sunday, we’ll feature:

Long Live the King, art by Gary Crutchley (“Straw Men,” Split Lip) – a scientist performs human experiments on coalminers in the 1800s, with unexpectedly horrifying results.

All three stories were written by Sam Costello.

Split Lip currently has 21 free horror comics available at

Blog Contest
The blog contest is also running:

To enter the drawing, all people need to do is write a blog post about Split Lip and then email a link to All blog post authors will be entered into a drawing to receive one of three prizes:

Runner Up (two winners)
Choice of Uzumaki, Vol. 1 by Junji Ito, Drifting Classroom Vol. 1 by Kazuo Umezu, or Strange Embrace, by David Hine.

Grand Prize (one winner)
Uzumaki Vol. 1, Drifting Classroom Vol. 1, and Strange Embrace.

Winners will be notified through email in early November.

Thanks for enjoying and supporting Split Lip!

Sam Costello

Super Frat Crossover with Dick Masterson!

Los Angeles, CA:  Super Frat, the first super-powered, fraternity webcomic has announced a crossover with professional chauvinist, Dick Masterson, author of Men are Better Than Women.
“The story was inspired by Dick’s recent visit to Ryesmore University,” says Lambda Sigma Rho biographer, Tony DiGerolamo.  “The boys had lost a keg of beer and Dick helped them find it, so we decided to do a detective story.  Turns out the keg rolled into a local sorority’s shower.  Took forever to get it out.”
Using his chauvinist detective powers, Dick Masterson helps Super Frat when they are framed for a campus prank.
“Young men today need a role model that understands the inferiority of women,” said Masterson.  “As that role model, I travel from town to town spreading my vision of a Utopia where men can watch football in peace, the ‘friend zone’ is a thing of the past, and the highest career aspiration any woman can achieve is as a headlining stripper.”
The Super Frat/Dick Masterson Crossover begins in October.  Visit Super Frat at and visit Dick Masterson at

from Scott
Diana Nock has been collecting Nightcrawler sketches since 2004. Take a look at them!
Smile is coming to print!

I’ve been waiting for ages to be able to announce this…

Scholastic/Graphix will be publishing the complete SMILE: A Dental Drama in 2010!

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ptimony @JTShea I address the Cartoon Network rumors here:

DavidGallaher @JTShea - I’ve got the HIGH MOON HALLOWEEN ART GIVEAWAY :-)

Frumph @JTShea Scotty Story from Johnny Saturn finished his 7th book for Johnny Saturn

Frumph @JTShea @jeffzugale Jeff is now updating 3 days a week, rockin.

haikubirdie @jtshea well kurtz and kellett/ gave a great lecture at scad/ on webcomic stuff

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