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Webcomic Wire - 10/17/08

Reported by Michael Moss:

  • The Cartoon Lounge over at the New Yorker has a post about a Cartoon-Off with XKCD and Farley Katz.
  • I don’t know if it’s the season for arguments or if drama gets you viewers, but there is a lot of arguing going on these days (Exhibit 1 & 2).
  • The Daily Cartoonist column ‘Webcomics Weekly News Roundup’ has an interesting roundup of links and news bits from this week.
  • The Comics Reporter has an interview with DHP’s Mike Richardson about Webcomics among other topics.
  • Prism Comics launches a new webcomic The Catty Corner by Joe Carr. Best wishes Joe!
  • Platinum Studios announced today that Equiti-trend Advisors has put together a 6-page analysis of PS, which can be viewed here, which is overall pretty dry but does blame their current stock price on the mortgage meltdown. “At its 12-month low currently, largely due to macroeconomic problems and the mortgage meltdown of 2008, PDOS is a bargain currently at less than$.10 per share”Well, .10 cents per share is a bargain, but so are Hatian penny stocks. The Beat has a post about Platinum’s new advisory board.
  • Fes of the Webcomic Beacon prepares for his attempt to broadcast his 24 hour lego Webomic. Check it out on Friday from 3pm Eastern time. Best of luck Fes!
  • Skitzo Man Dot Com’s Webcomic of the Week is M.I.M.E.S.