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Panel Flow - A Flash-based CMS for Webcomics

Interesting - Panel Flow is a CMS (content management system) that uses FLASH to present your comics.  There's a free version you can download and use on your own site with your own comic.  So - flash-based alternative to Comicpress/Wordpress and other webcomic cms out there.

The website lists a number of comics using the Panel Flow CMS.

The site appears to be owned by Outland Entertainment which also has a mobile phone content/comic site called Outland Mobile.


Re: Panel Flow - A Flash-based CMS for Webcomics

Hey everyone,

We're actually going to be adding an animation component that allows for animation and scrolling pages, slideshows, etc. This will be available in the next pro version.

Currently the app supports all image files, and will support flash SWF also in the next release. For those using Infinite Canvas, I'll check on what it would take to display your comics in Panel Flow.

As always if you have suggestions, feedback on Panel Flow, or things you'd like to see added, we'd love to hear them.


The PF Team

Re: Panel Flow - A Flash-based CMS for Webcomics

Hmm... Now if we could only get someone to make a program like Infinite Canvas that will export comics to Panel Flow, we'd finally have a CMS for comics that aren't shaped like strips or print pages!

Re: Panel Flow - A Flash-based CMS for Webcomics

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That's an interesting thought. 

It may not be perfect for it as it is but I would think the tarquin engine stuff would work with panel flow right now.  I guess we'd have to ask Merlin to be 100% sure.

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Re: Panel Flow - A Flash-based CMS for Webcomics

 I don't see anything in their FAQ about what files they support, but it'd be a boon for us experimentally-minded people to get a CMS that worked with an standalone IC-building program.

Add an export and embed code and It'd be a Holy Grail.