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Working on PDF version

I recently discovered a site called Wowio which lets you post PDF books and you get paid when people download them. I thought it might be interesting if I could convert "Dragon Knights" to PDF and put them on Wowio. The trouble is that I don't have any PDF authoring software. It certainly used to be the case that most the functionality of the Adobe SVG viewer was included in the Adobe reader but I wasn't sure what was happening with this as Adobe's lost interest in SVG after buying Macromedia. Anyway I thought it might be possible to just convert SVG files into PDF with all their interactivity and animation. Another complication is that the "Dragon Knights" comic files use external JS, CSS and image files to try to reduce bandwidth and I'm not sure if any SVG to PDF converter can mange this.

I'm stiff researching this. If it turns out to be simple to convert my comics to PDF I'll do that fairly quickly. If it's a more complicated job it may take longer or I may decide it's too much trouble.