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Part IX update

Well I've managed another installment of Part IX. This wasn't quiet so much hassel but I had to figger out how to do clouds in Blender.

I now have new respect for Corel Photopaint. I was under the impression that it was just a pale imitation of Adobe Photoshop and didn't really use it although I'd installed it alone with Corel Draw (this must be much better value for money than Adobe Illustrator as it's a lot cheaper, you get Photopaint, and Corel Rave and a few other things with it, although Inkscape is a lot cheaper still). Photopaint creates and edits movies, which Adobe Photoshop dose not. I was stugling with Adobe after effects to put this movie together but I still ended up with a couple of black frames that shouldn't have been there. I got rid of them with Photopaint which allows you to edit frame by frame which After Effects does not (or maybe I haven't figured out how to do it or newer versions are better).