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What is Anti-American? Your Guess Is as Good as Mine.

Michelle Bachmann is religiously zealous, and on that point there is not argument.  Ken Avidor (of Roadkill Bill fame,) has a well-done muckracking blog chronicling her antics.  I am well-aware of her propensity to be a brownnoser for George W. Bush. Having said that, I've met her at the State Fair.  To my surprise, she didn't seem as nuts as I expected her to be.  She was actually very professional.  I also have to concede that she has guts when it came to making unpopular votes, that are actually very sensible.  In spite of her militarist and theocratic streaks, she has been refreshingly libertarian on many issues and is pro-campaign reform as well. I want to hate her, but she's hard for me to dislike.

Bachmann has been getting a lot of flak about saying that Barack Obama views "might" be anti-American and that the press should do an expose on government officials with un-American tendencies, like Cindy Lauper did, back when it was cool to do so.  Investigative reporting  to determine whether members of government are working to undermine the Republic -- what an awful McCarthyist concept!  Never mind, that Keith Olbermann already does it, and should continue to do so.  Even if  the is a jerk who can't figure out why forcing a land by an invading Communist country with no legitimate claim, that's forced into Statehood without a legal vote by the people in an effort to curry favor with coal mining interests, might not be so cool.  I guess it's only wrong when Republicans do it, and not when a Democrat majority is at stake.

Of course, unlike Joseph McCarthy who had a blacklist that expanded and contracted on a whim, Bachmann didn't seem to have a clue about which politicians were anti-American.  McCarthy didn't seem overly thrilled when the media caught a whiff of his Wheeling speech.  This is in stark contrast of Bachmann, who was giddy to spill the beans on Hardball until she realized days later, that she'd been caught by a "gotcha question".  I guess Joe was bit more media saavy, to put it politely.  Here's the entire video of Michelle "Oh Snap!" Bachmann and Chris "Totally Impartial" Matthews's  wacky antics.

Before she got to that point, she talked about how Bill Ayers was a perfect example of what it is to be anti-American.  Here's the book containing a firsthand account from Bill Ayers on what he did that people like Bachmann feel is so un-American .  Whether he was being a valiant peaceful revolutionary fighting to save America from an unjust war, a spoiled-brat idiot who liked playing with explosives, or a deluded terrorist who hated the America, is up for debate.  Obama's "ignorace" of Bill Ayers past, and his contention that  his alleged ties to Ayers were desperate lies by McCain to win the election, are a lot less debatable. Just ask Hillary Clinton, back in April. 

What's bugging people about Bachmann being dumb enough to state her actual beliefs about Obama's links to Ayers -- on the record, is the use of the word "Anti-American."  What exactly is "Anti-American"?  Does anyone really know?  The first edition of Noah Webster's American Dictionary of the English Language (1828) defines Anti-Americanismas "opposed to America, or to the true interests or government of the United States; opposed to the revolution in America."  What the does that really mean?  Let's ask some dead Presidents about what it is to be American, shall we?  Perhaps we'll get some clues about what this anti-American thing is all about.

  • The Founding Fathers (The Constitution is the instruction manual on what it means to be an American.  Bush and 99% of all government officials today need to take the slow boat to France.) 
  • Abraham Lincoln's Cooper Union Address (Insurgents and people who are afraid of Republican policies are totally anti-American.)
  • George W. Bush:  (What does this mean?  "We hold dear what our Declaration of Independence says, that all have got uninalienable rights, endowed by a Creator."  Huh?  I am guessing this must be where Bachmann gets her ideas on what it means to be an American.)
  • John F. Kennedy's Inagural Speech (Being American means not being an entitlement weenie.  That means all large corporations, poor people on welfare, soccer moms, baby boomers and Gen Y kids need to be deported.)
  • Gerald Ford State of the Union (Bring those folks back, Americans do need to be entitlement weenies:   "Millions of Americans are out of work... Recession and inflation are eroding the money of millions more... Prices are too high, and sales are too slow... The national debt will rise to over $500 billion... We depend on others for essential energy. "  Why is this speech giving me a bad case of deja vu?  Considering Ford's performance, I hope this isn't a portend of things to come.)
  • Teddy Roosevelt on Americanism.  (Um... uh... holy moly!)
  • Jimmy Carter's A Crisis of Confidence. (But... but... Teddy said...) 
  • Woodrow Wilson's on America's Role in the World. (He's kind of making it sound being a non-provincial American involves creating a peaceful one-world government.  This leads us to our next President.)
  • George H.W. Bush: New World Order.  ("America will work tirelessly as a catalyst for positive change."  "But we cannot lead a new world abroad if, at home, it’s politics as usual on American defense and diplomacy."  Weird.  Daddy Bush must think that Obama is the most American person ever.)
  • Ronald Reagan's Farewell Address.  (We can't be ignorant about history and we have to desire freedom.  That pretty much eliminates most everyone in this country.)

On that note.  I'll just stop now and be depressed.