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Why I distrust Biden...

This will not matter in this election, because the winner has been decided, and most voters know where their loyalties lie.  I share this in the interest of the future, when this information might actually be useful for keeping Biden in check.   I wrote this as a response to an intelligent Liberal friend who had some intellectual curiosity about my opinion on the subject.

I quit abusing drugs over a decade ago, and I have a great hatred for their effects on otherwise productive people.  I speak out against illegal drug use and the abuse of legal mood altering chemicals, whenever I can.  These poisons nearly destroyed my life, and have taken people I cared about away from me.  With that said, I also have a great love for the Constitution.  For this reason I'm a militant anti-prohibitionist.  Many people in law-enforcement and the anti-drug community whom I respect very deeply will heartily disagree with me, but I based these opinions on personal experience and my studies into historical precedents.

I worked with Peg Anderson (you've probably never heard of her) in trying to get hemp farming (not weed, but non-intoxicant industrial hemp,) legalized in North Dakota.   This hemp-product and quality bead shop owner actively sought hemp law reform in the name of making farmers and local artisans more profitable and globally competitive.  The effects of her work rocked North Dakota agriculture, long after a major health problem left her too incapacitated to continue the fight. 

I still donate money to medical marijuana causes, in spite my  monstrous disdain for the "stoner culture" that destroys so many young lives. I've seen far too many good people that I care about, break the law in order to get a medicine that their doctor prescribed. 

It was through these activities that  I learned to despise Biden. He is one of the biggest reason why the Drug Czar and the Office of National Drug Control Policy exist.  These two horrible creations of the Anti-Drug Bill that Biden championed, encouraged racially-disparate law enforcement.  It crowded prisons with non-violent offenders that forced violent sex offenders onto the streets.  It denied critically-ill people prescribed medicine.  it impeded with the ability to produce legally obtainable textile materials domestically and hampered objective scientific studies.  The drug czar is mandated by law to avoid any talk of legalization, which is a complete affront to Freedom of Speech.  Even worse, the ONDCP has failed to keep kids off drugs and traffickers out of our country.  Local drug busts, and community-specific drug education efforts have a more powerful impact than this onerous and expensive governmental boondoggle.

I used to be a bill collector, and I usually had little sympathy for those who owed money.  However, every once in a while, there were otherwise responsible people in legitimate situations where bankruptcy was the only solution. Biden's bankruptcy and credit reforms were disgusting, and custom-made to please a banking organization in his constituency. Bill Clinton thought these reforms were extreme as well, so he vetoed their original incarnation. In 2005, Biden brought them back and passed them with the cheerful support of the current administration. As a result, people under severe duress who would've been able to declare bankruptcy and save their homes from foreclosure, were left without any recourse. I blame this legislation as a major factor on why so many people lost their homes to the mortgage crisis. Even more galling to me is the fact that Biden, blames the Republicans that passed the monstrosity he created, for the problems it caused without so much as an apology for his own role.

Biden's politically expedient flip-flops on Iraq and abortion are particularly appalling, especially in light of his Catholic beliefs.  One only need to look at his dizzying voting record to understand his moral inconsistency on these critical issues.  Biden also voted for the bail-out bill.

His sexism and racism, are well-known and appalling. One could argue that his sexism is duly mitigated by his supports of laws regarding the protection of women.  I am not entirely convinced that his alliance with Obama is a change of heart on the way he views minorities, so much as a cynical pursuit for power.  The man is a career politician, after all.

 Biden is a serial plagiarist who then had the nerve to participate in a major hearing on the subject of intellectual property, and then write the executive summary. This was done in order to justify codifying corporate digital-rights management schemes and dismantling the fair use doctrine.  His role in transforming copyright law into a vehicle for the United States to work as a world police serving the interests of corporate entertainment industry elites, rather than the interests of the people is undeniable.

With all of these major concerns hanging over Biden's head, why do reporters not investigate this man with the zeal that they did in regards to Palin?  Hint: Sexy legs and lipstick sell more newspapers than cranky old guys.  I hate to sound sexist, but sex does sell.