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Liberals can't all be stupid... Right? Or, was that Left?

I've decided that AlterNet sucks butt and needs to shrivel away.  It's like the Daily KOs, only with slightly less free advertising for the Democratic party. I read their daily updates on my LJ newsfeed for months.  AlterNet made me believe that all Liberals and Progressives were nothing but a bunch of whiny party shills who don't even make a minimal effort to pretend fact-check.  When Neo-Con darling, Front Page Magazine seems downright unbiased next to that incoherent mess of political brown-nosing, you know it's bad.  If I have to read one more article on "Obama is our Lord and Saviour," "socialism is the new code-word for nigger" or how "Palin is an anti-woman bitch, so let's call her ugly sexist names for the sake of feminism," I'll vomit.  Rush Limbaugh thinks that McCain  is a socialist Yosamite Sam. Michael Moore is highly entertaining.  If an online magazine's mission is to be biased and annoying, it should at least be amusing or capable of formulating some trace of independent thought.

I am so glad that Mother Jones and Utne have RSS feeds sporting liberal-minded articles featuring some modicum of brain function.   I also subscribed to Reason and Wilson Center on my feeds as well.  I need more intelligence for my life, as John Tesh says.  I added John Tesh's blog too.  I like him; he's fluffy and relaxing.  Did I just admit that?  I DID!