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Voter Fail-Out!

Here's a dizzyingly fascinating, depressing, yet wonderfully engaging article, that examines what you all have suspected all along.  People vote for really stupid reasons.  I laughed myself to tears when I got to the part about Woodrow Wilson and the shark attacks.  DR;TL ALERT: not for wimpy readers accustomed to AP pap.  Suddenly, this whole election makes a lot more sense to me.

While we are on the subject of government stupidity:  Could someone please spray a can of STFU on Bernanke?  He recently testified in front of the House of Representatives on the subject of why we need a second set of "financial measures."  Bernanke must have a different definition of "willingness" than I do.  Wells Fargo sure had a funny way of showing its willingness to accept fail-out help.  (That wasn't a typo, by the way.)