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Colin Powell Endorses Obama

I figured that he would pick Obama, but I pretty much lost him on the "Biden is ready to be President" comment.  Then again, I pretty much decided that voting Obama was a bad idea when he picked Biden.  Anyone who (allows his handlers) to pick a slimeball like Biden as anything is pretty much guaranteed to be in bed with corporate lawyers, the banking and credit card industries.  You can't have it both ways, gang.  I mean, it was Biden's bankruptcy reform that left "those people who lost their homes" without any recourse.  Picking Biden shows a lacks a true commitment towards ending prohibition.  Nevermind, that current drug law is the biggest factor towards the disproportionate number of Black in correctional facilities.  But, who cares about those useless little details.  Knowing those things about Biden, broke my heart when Powell spoke with such passion about how Obama is for global prosperity, helping people of all race, and the poor.  I just don't understand what's wrong with a nation that can make people like Obama, McCain and their slimeball handlers into forerunners for the nation's highest office. 

It's kind of like how my deal breaker with Palin was her disassociation from the AIP.  I used to admire her willingness to risk the Union for the sake of upholding Constitutional law.  Alas, the power got to her head.  :-/

"Ready to be President" is not good enough for me.  Why is no one saying, "duly qualified to be President?"

This is why I voted for apathetic perverts.  At least they're honest.  I just don't understand how a nation of centrists can be so willing to polarize itself for the sake of PR-manufactured products passing as leaders.

One thing's for certain, I'm not voting for Powell if he ever runs.