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Hermit Hill | Vol. 1 | 09/25/08

Storm Coverage. Here in Texas we are still reeling from a bad storm. Southern Texas was hit really hard. People's homes have been destroyed, large portions of the state are still, even more then a week afterwards, without power, and now there's talk of gas shortages. During the storm the TV coverage was really insane as all these idiots just had to trudge out into the middle of it to show the viewers how wind works. Moronic. Today's comic reflects the obliviousness we all witnessed in those empty heads of the broadcasters who think we wouldn't understand that hurricanes are dangerous unless they put themselves in harms way on camera.

On another note, it's not going to be raining on Hermit Hill very often. That rain effect I inked into today's comic cost me two micron pens as I destroyed them trying to get the hatch work just right. The little nubs were bent at right angles when I was through.