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Just in time for Halloween-- YouTube version of online comic The Fear Mongers features cinematic effects and music

I've never been much interested in movie making, but I recently helped my wife build a slideshow of vacation photos in iPhoto, and the thought struck me that I could do something like this with some of my comics.  I ended up using iMovie to adapt my Modern Tales webcomic The Fear Mongers.  I've begun posting the results on YouTube, and the first three segments can be seen here (or just go to YouTube and search for 'joezabel').

I've got more segments in the can, which I will upload as fast as my connection can import them into YouTube.

The original comic has a lot of dialog, but I had no choice but to simply imply that.  If I ever did this seriously, I'd have to create a story that can play wordlessly. 

It's a gas playing around with this, though I've discovered rather quickly how little I really know about movies, in spite of being an obsessive movie buff.  How long do you stay on a shot?  How much zooming and panning should be allowed?

The best part of the process is working with Royalty-free music by Kevin MacLeod (  He has an amazing variety of short atmospheric pieces.  They make great listening, and they really take the artwork from The Fear Mongers into another dimension!