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Writer's Block: The Undead

With Halloween on the horizon, burning questions about the undead need to be answered: Can being a zombie be considered suffering?

Submitted by [info]destynnee

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I'd say being a zombie qualifies as suffering. Being drugged into a state of near death with puffer fish and toad poison, only to be buried alive, seems like a pretty miserable experience. Oxygen-deprivation and datura intoxication (both of which I've experienced) made me wish I were dead. Working as a slave with no memory of the past, while on a permanent datura high, strikes me as a pretty hellish existence. So yeah, being a zombie seems like suffering to me.

Oh wait, LJ must've been talking about the mentally-retarded and infectious bastard children of the draugr and revenants (both of which are technically flesh-eating vampires, like upirs,) that Hollywood usually passes as zombies. I don't know if they are suffering, but these gross-looking herd vampires provide needed jobs for hundreds of actors and amusement for bored shockmeisters. I myself have to suffer from looking at ugly-looking people, and dealing obnoxious imbeciles on "zombie walks" while I am trying to enjoy a drink in an otherwise quiet Minneapolis bar.

My great-grandpa, Encarnación, would be rolling in his grave if could see what the Americans have done to the "legend" of the zonbi.