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Popcorn with no rap.

I am working at the Chicago Club until my birthday on November 8.

I already did the Bohemian Rhapsody dance on stage tonight, because Cassie was here and she told me I had to. Nothing like crazy applause and wooting early on to motivate my butt to dance.

The Club instituted a nasty fine for dancers who play rap. This discourage idiot strippers from working here and to attract a less annoying clientelle. Yay! Also, I find amusing that many local strippers refuse to work here because, "Storm plays it straight." It's nice to work at a cabaret with a bad reputation for well-behaved. Ha! See Lucinda and Thom, they treat our painted pasties well at this joint.

There's a new dancer today by the name of Cappuccino. She has the longest legs I've ever seen on a dancer and the tallest platforms ever. She dances to jazz, she thinks that fried chicken should always be greasy and she fed me popcorn without my prompting. Needless to say, she's already on my top 10 cool dancer list. Our fearless leader, Storm is well, as is the barfly table.
Popcorn with no rap.