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Someone Has Threatened People on My FL

This is her side of her story.    She feels that my husband and I were trying to steal her daughter.  She is upset because she feels used by my husband after they had an affair.  She assumes that we have the time or resources to have a child.  She is offended by my sexual identity and feels that our sex lives are a matter of public record.

This is mine.  I feel that my husband and I were doing everything in our power to keep Samantha together with her daughter.  We were willing to help her out, even after she had a second short-lived affair with him.  He broke off when he realized that it was hurting her daughter, it was hurting him and would ultimately result in me divorcing him.  I feel that she has suffered from addiction problems.  I feel that she has been exploited by her abusive mother.  Samantha has also exhibited behaviors towards my husband and I that are frightening to us.  I feel that the specifics of our sex lives should be private.

She asked me to stop blogging about her and her daughter on three separate occasions.  I informed her that I would be glad to stop blogging, in addition to removing or setting-to-private, any blogs about either one of them.  This is provided that she remove blogs about my husband and I from her multiple blogs.  I acquiesced to her request, the first time.  When she did not hold up her end of the bargain, I restored the blogs to defend my husband and I.  My offer still stands.

She has threatened to monitor the following people on my friends list on a back-dated post on one of her blogs, telling them that deal with the "same prosecution."  Whatever that means.






If you have a problem with this, and you are named, I suggest that you contact your local Sheriff's Department, the Waite Park, MN Sherrif's Department, and Livejournal Abuse Department once you do so.  I will be filing another order of protection when I return home.  

I guess no good deed goes unpunished, right.  :\